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A PhD scientist has commented on the Whiting Award 2016 to Drs Neppe and Dr Close:

It clarifies the main points of importance of this contribution in their Whiting award.

"I want to share with you an important landmark relevant to Consciousness Research that has happened to Dr Vernon Neppe and Dr Edward Close: their receiving the 2016 multidisciplinary, worldwide 2016 Whiting Memorial Prize.

Let's imagine what would happen if someone:

  • a. Proved mathematically that our reality is far more than just our experience in three dimensions of space in a moment in time (3S-1t).
  • b. Demonstrated that our finite reality was proved to be 9 finite spinning dimensions, and yet that our day-to-day physical finite experience of 3S-1t is still pertinent but just part of our experience?
  • c. Calculated the properties of a massless, energyless substance’ in atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons and quarks.
  • d. Demonstrated that materialism at the atomic level is mathematically impossible;
  • e. Calculated that the proportion of ‘consciousness’ in the most abundant cosmic elements is exactly the exact same as the proportion of dark matter plus dark energy to the cosmos;
  • f. Determined that there is more functional consciousness substance in union with the elements of life than any other elements in the Periodic Table. And moreover, what would happen if these elements all have the same exact rules?
  • g. Showed, even more so, that water has the most of this ‘consciousness’ of any molecule? And that silicon appears to be an element of life?
  • h. Proposed several different ways to distinguish ‘consciousness’, including even the very way in which it exists?
  • i. Derived the first ‘equation for reality that included consciousness’?
  • j. Demonstrated that Space, Time, and Consciousness (STC) are all separate, with the one not just being derivative of each other in our 3S-1t reality. Instead, STC is always in union. Argued cogently that we have gone beyond Minkowski’s 1908 union of ‘Space-Time’ and as of 2011, we have a new union ‘Space-Time-Consciousness’ (STC).
  • k. Developed a model that could explain all psi phenomena that could even be compatible with survival of bodily death. And would it be even more interesting if that same model was versatile enough to also fit into our reality experience of 3S-1t?
  • l. Proposed a mind-brain philosophical model based on mathematics and science that could justify our regular 3S-1t experiential reality as well as the infinite, survival after death, altered states of consciousness, and psi.
  • m. Developed a new paradigmatic model for reality.
  • n. Suggested a method of broadening the criteria for legitimate science to also include what is feasible and not refuted?

After eight years of research together, Dr. Vernon Neppe and Dr. Edward Close have apparently demonstrated all these findings in their paradigm shifting model called the ‘Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm’ (TDVP). A few multidisciplinary specialist peers have carefully followed TDVP, and evaluated and studied the Close-Neppe work over much of this prolonged time. They ostensibly agree that:

  • the first seven points (a. to g. above) are proven mathematically: This includes proving mathematically that there are specifically 9 spinning (vortical) quantized finite dimensions (b.), and showing the third substance, 'gimmel' (c.) is almost certainly in part or whole pure consciousness content.
  • there are three carefully delineated different existential manifestations of ‘consciousness”—its extent, content and impact (h. above) (additionally, there are other ways to conceptualize this heterogeneous term ‘consciousness’);
  • a workable ‘equation of consciousness’ (i. above) has been developed;
  • the Space-Time-Consciousness (STC) union (j. above) is strongly substantiated in their massive 500 page book ‘Reality Begins With Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works’ ( and in peer-reviewed publications. They contended there must be a triad: Not only is Space and Time always together, but that all three of Space, Time and the Extent of Consciousness are inseparably tethered together;
  • the Neppe-Close model of the ‘Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm’ (TDVP) )(k.) is very versatile in explaining numerous facets of reality without contradiction: TDVP scores perfectly on criteria for a a so-called 'Theory of Everything' (TOE). TDVP scores 39/39; other than their own previous models at 27 and 23/39 respectively, none of the 21 others examined have scored even 20/39;
  • the Neppe-Close philosophy of Unified Monism, incorporating their TDVP scientific and mathematical model (l.) is well supported. and allows a different perspective from the philosophically restricted options of “Consciousness is derivative of Space-Time or Mass-energy” or vice versa: ‘Consciousness’ in this context has its own dimensional ‘extent’ identity—this ‘extent’ of consciousness is necessarily inseparably tethered to Space and Time;
  • and embedded within a continuous infinite. The paradigm shift findings above have developed directly from these ideas (m.) and include a quantized finite and transfinite embedded in an infinite making up a single reality, with the same laws of nature for quantum, macroscopic and cosmological levels, for life, order and the inanimate;
  • These two scientists have recognized the need to broaden the Popperian criteria for scientific endeavor in their model of LFAF (Lower Dimensional Feasibility, Absent Falsification) (n.). This means that feasible, unfalsified empirical data pertaining to evolution, cosmology, multidimensional models such as TDVP, and often medicine and psychology can now be pertinent. LFAF allows additional metaphorical jigsaw pieces to be added to the major puzzle that constitutes our reality.

This week (early August 2016), Dr Close and Dr Neppe were jointly honored with the worldwide multidisciplinary 2016 Whiting Memorial Award. The Charter of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) ( sets guidelines for this coveted prize: “for expanding boundaries of scientific understanding”… “to a person/ persons or organization typifying the ideal of someone who strives to benefit society in general through advanced enquiry, original research and/or creative contributions”. The award is “only conferred when a select committee unanimously chooses a worthy nominee”. And ISPE’s only mission is “to attract the world's most intellectually gifted individuals, and hopefully direct their achievements for the betterment of all humankind.”

These scientists look forward to furthering their work and facilitating others to incorporate these concepts into their further research. They have never received any funding and hope this recognition may be an impetus for this to change."

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